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Salt and Bloom


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Fun, quirky and vibrant this scent embodies the essence of a youthful summer. Deliciously refreshing watermelon is mixed with traditional lemonade and casaba melon to create a fragrance that will make you feel like it’s summer everyday of the year. 


Contains 100g of scented salt crystals  | 25hrs + burn time 

Oil Burners - 4hrs + burning  time per 30 grams (3 teaspoons)

Electric Burners - 12hrs + burning time per 30 grams (3 teaspoons)


Add 1-3 teaspoons to any oil/tea light/electric burner and burn. Do not add water. Once salts stop releasing fragrance let cool & deposit into your green waste bin or wash down the sink.

Our salt crystals are made with Australian minerals, fine fragrance oils and colouring. While they are non toxic they are not safe for consumption. Store in a cool dry location.