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That feeling of being embraced in a warm hug. Not to sweet not to spicy, a scent with layers of honey, amber and musk. It’s home.


dried hay | tobacco leaf | honey | iris | amber



130g - average 32hr burn time


Place 2-3 teaspoons of salts into your oil/electric burner, heat activates the fragrance to release a continuous perfumed throw into the air for over 8 hours. Once burned out let cool and dispose into your green waste bin.

Want to repurpose? Our crystal salts make great air deodorisers once used, store in cupboards, drawers or small spaces for a gentle fragrance aroma.



Contains 130g of fragrance salt crystals

While our salts love the heat they are not fans of getting wet so please store in a cool dry location.

Each item is hand crafted in Victoria in small batches for a superior fragrance throw. 

Our salt crystals are made with Australian minerals, fine fragrance oils and colouring.

While they are non toxic they are not safe for consumption.

Keep out of reach of small children and pets.



made in Victoria | ethically sourced minerals

vegan | proudly cruelty free | eco friendly |  phthalates free fragrance oils